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22 February 2014

Oops!...I did it again

I put myself through the anxiety of flying. Not once, not twice. Six times. In two weeks.

Every single one of those flights was stressful in its own way. The first couple were ok, except for taking off on the Airbus A380. I had gotten geekily excited when I found out that we could book our Dubai-Singapore leg of the journey on the A380 within our budget. Little did I know that these beasts take off at the speed of a snail. And when you have the sort of "I know better than the pilot" flight anxiety, you begin to convince yourself that the plane has neither gathered enough speed to lift off nor is the take off "normal". However, it was an experience.

The return journey of that same leg was, shall we say, more upbeat? As in, the plane was dancing for approximately 5 of the 7 hours of the flight? My nerves were definitely in a state. The silver lining however was that if you tense your muscles for 2 hours straight and have that much adrenaline pulsing through your body, you're eventually going to wear yourself out and fall asleep as a result. So I did manage to get a couple of hours of sleep. When I did groggily wake up, we had hit the sort of turbulence that compels the captain to turn on the fasten seat-belt sign. But, I was still luckily quite exhausted and managed to survive the whole ordeal without any tears! Saba 1 - Turbulence 0.

It was also the first time I was genuinely worried during landing. I'm normally the biggest fan of landing, since it means we are getting closer to the ground. On this particular flight, the captain just couldn't balance the plane, and he touched down so slightly, only to bounce and then touch down again...and to top it off, the plane leaned to the right a little too much...lovely! 

Despite all of these stressful hours spent 38,000 feet above ground, I did manage to get a bit more sleep while we were grounded in Dubai for over 4 hours due to heavy fog. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if I ever did leave Europe.

Pics of the holiday and some sightseeing tips will follow once I'm over this jet lag!

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