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30 August 2014

HashtagFirstWorldProblems: Reading a book you just can't seem to finish

Has this ever happened to you? Surely it has. It must happen to everyone (cough cough in a first world conundrum like me). I'm reading For Whom the Bell Tolls. This is attempt number 3, if I remember correctly. My Kindle tells me I'm 41% through. My brain tells me I have 41% of my sanity left. But I want to finish it. I don't want to give up. It's a phase, you see. There came a time when I decided life was too short to trawl through a book I didn't enjoy. But recently I just don't want to put a book down. I don't think it helps that I keep a very public record of the books I read here. Damn it I've been reading this book since June..I can mark a little asterisk to say I never finished it. But that may will compromise my credibility as a book nerd.

Get it here.

In other news, I have written my post about Bath but it has like 2951523 photos. Tell me, do you like looking at photos or should I go back to the editing table?

Happy Saturday everyone! 


19 August 2014

It's a buuuuuurger record!!

Don't ask how, but amidst all of our meetings, dinners and weddings, Louis and I managed to have THREE burgers in the two weeks we were back in the UK. I think we deserve a medal...or a Weight Watchers voucher. Whatevs. 

Round 1 - Byron Burgers - O2 Centre, Finchley Road

We'd heard about Byron from some friends and Tripadvisor and so as soon as we stumbled on the one in the O2 Centre, our discussions of what to eat came to an end. I had the Smoky and a lemonade. Louis had the Byron and a soda float. We also ordered some chips and onion rings on the side.

Yummy soda float.

Looks better in the photos in my opinion.

Honestly, we weren't mind blown by their burgers. My burger wasn't medium as stated in the menu, and I found it to be a bit dry and didn't have the flavour I was waiting for. I'm almost tempted to say I make better burgers at home. As for the sides, the chips weren't anything special and the onion rings quite oily. Now that I recount the visit, I doubt I'll be back again. Just wasn't my thing. 

Round 2 - Honest Burgers - Kings Cross

I had been eyeing up Five Guys all afternoon when a friend suggested that we go to Honest Burgers instead. So glad we did! The venue was relaxed and we were given a booth overlooking the kitchen, where you could see the chefs preparing the burgers (and I couldn't wait to have one in my tum!). It was a toss up for me between the Tribute and the Special and when I asked our waiter for his recommendation there was no hesitation before he said "The Special". 

That's the kitchen there.

Louis' coke...awww.

Ice tea in a jar - sold.

Demolished this in record time.

I mean, look at that!

Special.It.Was. I can't rave about these burgers enough. Mine was juicy, flavoursome and the tobacco onions really did have a tinge of tobacco which made them delicious (I know it sounds crazy). The chips were crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. I opted for my chips without the rosemary salt but I had a taste of Louis' rosemary chips and they were yummy. If you are anywhere near an Honest Burger, I would highly, highly recommend it. Pricing-wise, it was reasonable for a sit down restaurant. I think I paid about £12 for my meal excluding tip. 

Round 3 - Five Guys - Covent Garden

You thought I wouldn't get there? Always space for a burger! This was a cheeky burger for us so we shared one burger. We got a basic burger with onions and peppers. Looking back, I enjoyed this burger more than I thought I did. I liked that the burger was quite sloppy, the onions were a nice addition and the bread was soft and spongy. Also, the chips were amaaaazing. It was on the pricey side though - we paid about £13 for the meal.

Proof I was there.

Those chips.

Those chips. Those chips.

Sloppy burger = yummy.
Writing this post and uploading these photos has made me want another burger. Apparently there are a couple of great burger joints here in Amman that I haven't tried yet so I'll just have to make my way down there!

What's your favourite burger place? 


13 August 2014

World, I'm 30!

First, I have to apologise for pulling a disappearing act (again). I'm sorry but I promise that I have tons of photos to share over the next few posts as I've just come back from Sunny England, which was truly sunny for once! 

So, you guys. I turned 30 last week. At.Last. Why you ask? I loved my 20's and all that, but my God am I happy to finally move on to my 30's. I already feel like I know myself better and that's after only one week! It sounds crazy, I know. Also, I believe that age is just a number so for me, growing "older" is not dictated by that number I write down in various legal forms. And, let's be honest, any excuse for a birthday and cake is fine by me.

And boy was there cake this year! I really want to thank my wonderful friends for the time they took out of their busy days to mark my birthday in some form. During my visit to England I tried my best to meet up with as many people as Louis and my schedules would allow, and on almost every meeting I was made to feel like a birthday girl, even though it wasn't my birthday yet / my birthday had passed. 

My old flat mates surprised me with a birthday cheesecake during our picnic in Greenwich. A group of my university friends (aka La Familia) put up balloons in one of their houses, bought me a funny gift (and a normal gift), handed me a bunch of cards and then bought me a cupcake with a "30" candle. I also got more cards, money from my in-laws (thank you!) and even some tarts from the brother-in law and his lovely girlfriend. Louis treated me to a lovely night and day in the gorgeous Bath (which deserves a post for itself), including the biggest pizza followed by ice-cream. 

I am really, really blessed. 


Cheesecake, mmmm.

I have no idea why I found these amusing.

Aaand that's how many were needed to light ONE candle. Good enough for me!

Don't worry, that kid knows me.

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