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13 August 2014

World, I'm 30!

First, I have to apologise for pulling a disappearing act (again). I'm sorry but I promise that I have tons of photos to share over the next few posts as I've just come back from Sunny England, which was truly sunny for once! 

So, you guys. I turned 30 last week. At.Last. Why you ask? I loved my 20's and all that, but my God am I happy to finally move on to my 30's. I already feel like I know myself better and that's after only one week! It sounds crazy, I know. Also, I believe that age is just a number so for me, growing "older" is not dictated by that number I write down in various legal forms. And, let's be honest, any excuse for a birthday and cake is fine by me.

And boy was there cake this year! I really want to thank my wonderful friends for the time they took out of their busy days to mark my birthday in some form. During my visit to England I tried my best to meet up with as many people as Louis and my schedules would allow, and on almost every meeting I was made to feel like a birthday girl, even though it wasn't my birthday yet / my birthday had passed. 

My old flat mates surprised me with a birthday cheesecake during our picnic in Greenwich. A group of my university friends (aka La Familia) put up balloons in one of their houses, bought me a funny gift (and a normal gift), handed me a bunch of cards and then bought me a cupcake with a "30" candle. I also got more cards, money from my in-laws (thank you!) and even some tarts from the brother-in law and his lovely girlfriend. Louis treated me to a lovely night and day in the gorgeous Bath (which deserves a post for itself), including the biggest pizza followed by ice-cream. 

I am really, really blessed. 


Cheesecake, mmmm.

I have no idea why I found these amusing.

Aaand that's how many were needed to light ONE candle. Good enough for me!

Don't worry, that kid knows me.

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