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08 January 2015

BuhBye 2014

I'll claim that I'm publishing this "new year" post late on purpose. One week in should be enough time to figure out what resolutions I may actually accomplish. Last year I resolved to take more photos and be more considerate. I can happily say that I took LOADS of photos and look forward to taking more this year. As for being more considerate...might have to keep at that one I'm afraid!

It's been no secret that 2014 was NOT my favourite year. It wasn't my worst year either...I think. There's a nice question to start off the new year - what was your worst year? 

What made 2014 unbearable? It wasn't the entire year. No. I mean, it started off quite nicely, had a lovely trip to Singapore in February, saw my mother in law's side of the family, ate yummy food, cooed at a polar bear. I attended a fantastic PA conference in March in London. The summer kicked off with the World Cup, followed by wedding madness and catching up with friends in England. An impressive amount of sightseeing was accomplished. Oh and turning the fabulous 3-0.

It was the quarter of the year after we came back to Jordan in August. There was something about months September - December that, sadly, made getting out of bed in the mornings a challenging affair. I wish I could blame the weather in this instance, but I can't, because the worst of the winter came to Amman yesterday. So,  no, it wasn't the weather. I think it was a mix of work being extremely busy (and it seemed like that for almost every one I've spoken to in the past 4 months) and not having any vacays. I tell you, boy was I happy for 1 January 2015 to come around. 

There was one silver lining. It started on the night of an incredible Halloween party, and has continued until now. We have managed to see our close group of friends in Amman almost weekly. We've gone for Korean food, Indian food, played badminton, gone indoor climbing and cooked the most unbelievable Christmas dinner. These meetings were like tiny stars at the end of each week, and I am forever grateful for the friends we've shared memories with here.

~Leading nicely into resolutions for 2015:

*Surround yourself with people who make you laugh, challenge you and are up for documenting the memories with silly photographs!*

*Realise that life is pretty amazing - stop telling yourself that you are not good enough / could never be that perfect / can't accomplish what others have*

And that's all from me folks! Here's to 2015 being a kind year to us all! 

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