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30 January 2014

Well done Coca-Cola

Guys. I have to hand it to Coca-Cola for designing a Saba-proof can. So the other day we were in the supermarket and I was craaaaving a coke like crazy. So I got one. After we got home and had unpacked the shopping, I thought to myself (oh so smartly)

"I'm gonna stick this can in the freezer so that by the time I'm done changing into my pjs it'll be nice and ice cold" (yes, I was gonna drink coke before bed. I'm an adult thankyouverymuch)


Two days later, I open the freezer to fish out ice-cream or some other health damaging pre-bed snack when I noticed the can....

Louis, what I feel is correctly, commented that Coca-Cola must've paid someone to test this, figuring there would be some idiot in the world who would forget a coke can in the freezer.

We were too afraid to leave it anywhere where it could do more harm, ie anywhere I would have any say over where I could interact with it, so we wrapped it in a bag and stuck it in a bucket in the spare bathroom.

Lo and behold the next morning it was in tact and on it's way back to being a liquid. After I got home from work I decided, ooooo I'd really like that Coke now...but it was warm by that point. Sooooo, I put it back... the fridge (have *some* faith in me people!) but then forgot about it for another two days.*

However, when I did eventually sit down to drink my coke, not only was it cold, it was surprisingly still fizzy.

Well done Coca-Cola. Well done.


*my memory is comparable to that of a gold fish, and the only way I manage to hold down an admin job is to carry around a notebook at work and write down every-single-thing-in-the-world.

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