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06 April 2014

Mark Complete

One thing that I really like about being a PA is that I [try] never to utter the statement "I'm too busy" as an excuse. The way I see it, I'm a PA, I should be fabulous (darling) at all things organisational. And simply put, I have the ability to plan my day according to my hours and make sure I manage expectations. And if I see that my day is a busy one, well two things completed is better than no things completed.

Of course this is easier said than done. Whilst I feel that I've done pretty well in never using the I'm too busy excuse for several months now, I have found that this week I really have not been able to complete everything I've wanted to.  My unpacking took 4 days. My flagged task since Thursday is yet to be "marked complete". And I just managed to go to the gym for the first time in two months.

I have indeed felt like those characters in the picture above. And more than once I've thought "should I start panicking or am I in denial that I'm already panicking?". Luckily, I'm slowly making my way through my never ending to do list, doing all I can to keep my cool and of course, resorting to laughing at myself when times get tough. After all, if I'm not going to keep myself entertained, then who will?

Doesn't it feel like sometimes there really just aren't enough hours in the day? Better get better at saying "do you mind if that waits until tomorrow next week?".

How's everyone else doing then? 



  1. Yep. I have this mentality as well. Sometimes I'm like a rockstar getting everything finished... sometimes not so much. Also, I love that you used the word "whilst."

    1. I try not to get too angry at the little red flags on my inbox, I did put them there after all! Haha never thought about "whilst"...I use it whilst speaking too ;)


  2. Oh I feel you! My to do list is as long as my arm, and it's so easy to get panicky/down about it. But your attitude - keep cool and laugh if it gets too much - is definitely the way forward! Some days you'll ace it, some days it'll feel like nothing gets done, but it all balances out. xx

    1. It does balance out! And as long as nothing major happens, like forgetting a 0 and costing your company millions, then it's all good :D



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