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30 June 2014

Delightful Souq Jara

First and foremost - Ramadan Kareem everyone! Fasting and non-fasting, I wish you a blessed month and not too many thirst induced hallucinations! *wink* 

There's a quaint Friday market just off of Rainbow Street called Souq Jara. It's open from sometime June-ish until late September, and attracts a mass of local handicraft groups, artists, chefs and trinket sellers who set up under colourful umbrellas and sell a variety of things. 

Louis and I have managed to go once a year since 2012 and we enjoy it more each time we go. I remember the first time I visited it I wasn't extremely impressed. I'm not the greatest fan of markets as it is and I felt this one was a little bit small, cramped and didn't offer many new or interesting things. However, I actually enjoy walking through the cobble stoned street and having a little nosey. What I like the most though is that a lot of stalls are run by women's organisations or groups who use the proceeds to further their individual causes and create better opportunities for their communities. It's nice to see local made products and help contribute to someone's life directly. 

We found ourselves in Souq Jara on Friday and it was the perfect opportunity to take some photos and share them with you. They've expanded the Souq to now include a separate food hall, which previously you could find in the main part of the market. Souq Jara is open for probably a couple more months and if you get a chance to go see it, I would recommend it :) 


Viewing spot from Rainbow Street of the Citadel.

A busy Rainbow Street.

Adorable key hangers.

Bees makin' honey.

Traditional Jordanian clothes.

Mosaic ceramics.

Show of hands if you ever owned one of these.

You can find the most random of things.

Vintage cameras.

Fell in love with these adorable binoculars.

More vintage cameras and other random stuff.


A life size Monopoly piece.

The food hall at the end of the market.

Spectacular view.


  1. This is amazing! I love all the vintage antiquey things - there's a huge rotary dial phone in one of the pictures that I would LOVE to have (even though it's huge and I have nowhere to put it and even if I did, it wouldn't work. Still want it!). Also like the fact so many local groups sell things to raise money - such a good idea.


  2. I love the life-size Monopoly piece and the key hangers!


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