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20 February 2016

30(ish) day challenge complete

It's true - I completed 30 days of yoga! Ok, I did do it in 32 days but I did do it. 

Have I mentioned I'm impatient? Well, I am. I want results now. So as I sit to write this I very much was wishing I'd be uploading an incredible photo of having my hands flat on the floor, looking up with a flat back. Instead, I can only really upload a photo of my feet. You're welcome.

The colours are more vibrant in real life...

Although a small part of me is gutted I'm not really that much more flexible than when I first started the challenge, I have noticed the following:

  • happy to wake up at 6am to do yoga - believe me, I would've never betted on myself in a 1000 years
  • stronger legs when doing the Warrior poses
  • longer inhalations & exhalations
  • a little bit more open to the world (something I will continue to work on)

The best part of doing yoga is those days where you really are in the zone. Because, honestly, there are some days where you're not in the mood and falling over your coffee table. On the more focussed days, I found I could set a clear intention (which isn't necessary) and I see it materialise during the day. For example, I remember one day I intended to be more "accomplished" and then throughout the day I was ticking off my to-do tasks like no body's business. It reaffirmed that I was in control of how I approached each day, which is a very freeing feeling. Adriene (the lady whose videos I follow) is also very encouraging in asking you to "create space" and "open your heart", both of which, in my opinion, are very important concepts. To understand that, no matter where you are physically, you can create some emotional and spiritual space is very liberating and a great skill to have! 

I'm really happy that I took on the challenge and stuck with it. I'm thinking of doing Adriene's 30 Day YogaCamp, which looks incredible, but some of the videos are an hour long, meaning I'd have to wake up at 5:30am to fit them in before work. I'm not sure I'll be able to handle we're staring Season 3 of Downton Abbey and we try to watch one episode each night, even if it'll kill us haha. So my alternative is to pick 5 videos to do during the week and then do the camp during the weekends. I've not decided yet, but I'll keep you posted. And I hope that maybe I'm convincing some of you to take up yoga? 


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