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08 October 2012

A Room with a View

A post about Jordan.

My husband and i live in a little flat, near what is known as the Second Circle of Amman. Circle here for some reason indicates a roundabout...logical but weird. Anyway, what's so great about living in our flat is the view, since we live atop Jabal Amman (jabal means mountain, but it's more of a steep hill in this case really). From the windows of our baby lounge, kitchen and bedrooms, we can see some of Amman's other "mountains", spurting houses and buildings made of beige stones. At dusk, the houses begin to shine their lights and the city becomes outlined with lights of white, yellow and green. You can see the cars driving by, on many levels, literally, since the roads wind up and down these hills. And as the evening deepens, the hills are merely silhouettes of the houses they house and the horizon is akin to waves of shining squares. I love this. Amman is so beautiful by night. It is beautiful in the day too, something about the uniformity of the colours of the buildings connects it with the sand it is built on. And that makes it romantic (until you see the trash, but that's a topic for another day!)

Since arriving, we've been exploring what's around our neighbourhood. This is my list of our three most visited places on Second Circle:

1. A mini market called Haboob, where we get our freshly chopped and marinated chicken and Tropicana Mint Lemonade! (Deee-lish!)
2. B Lebanese pastries, the best place to get cheesy sandwich rolls and manaqeesh (pronounced "mana'eesh" and is basically flat bread topped with a variety of yummy things but usually cheese &/or oregano)
3. Our gym, which is more of a room with two running machines and a couple of other equipment. But it's on the 7th floor and costs 30Jd for 12 visits, so not too shabby!

We also discovered an American diner that has chicken wings during happy hour and if you know Louis at all, you'd know this makes him happy! We live nearby what is known as Rainbow street, where people go out during the weekend to eat, drink and smoke shisha. There has also been a recent opening of a little kiosk selling Egyptian Koshari and a falafel place is under construction. Yum, yum, yum!! 

So that's our little area. We can't wait to start having our friends visit :) 



  1. I love your description of where you live! Brought it to life in my mind. And the list of your favourite places and the food...oh my goodness, I am DROOLING. To be fair, it doesn't take much to make me drool right now, but come on - Lebanese pastries, mint lemonade and (new to me)!

  2. Buffalo Wings & Rings - 10 for less than £2

  3. Rainbow is kinda edgeware road but with better services it i worry if the juices r good tooo. Also what a baby lounge? Any major news u wanna share on the world wide web?

  4. Jamie Powell9/10/12 12:56 am

    I think the people who have green lights in their house are up to something interesting. Maybe a pre party before hitting rainbow street to paint the town red. If they paint the town red then is rainbow street still a rainbow or just red street?! Obvi reading back over my babble its clear i've beenup too long with Amiya. Loving these posts hun keep them coming. Maybe get a guest appearance from louis to desribe the wings in more detail.

  5. I think I saw a satellite dish in your photo.

    I need to come over for some wings! More photos please :)

  6. Rayan, baby lounge = petite lounge in our petite flat :)

    Jamie, the green lights are from the mosques and I should've explained that - look at you trying to blame Amiya for stuff already! :P

    Marcus, I'll upload more pics on FB soon. Hahaha yeah there are a couple of satellites here and there ;) and you would LOVE the wings place!!


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