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13 October 2012

New Beginnings

"Beginnings could happen more than once, or in different ways." -- The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (Rachel Joyce)

Some of you might know that 5 months ago I quit my law job in order to train as an English language teacher, move out of Sunny England and maybe finally find purpose in my daily life. The truth is, I'm one of those people who doesn't know what they want. I still get asked why I left law, especially as I had only worked as a qualified lawyer for only 6 months by the time I decided to give up.

It isn't just one thing that made my decision final. Before I go into it, let me tell you that so far, I haven't missed being a lawyer. The only thing I've missed is some of my friends and our fro-yo breaks. I was at odds with the nature of law firms and some lawyers. Although the core of any law firm is to help people, the obsession with billing, aggressive litigation and elitist aspect of the industry just knawed at me for 5 years, until I dreaded waking up in the morning to go to work. Added to that, the constant urgency of everything just perplexed me, had I started working in the emergency ward unknowingly??

Anyway. I did learn a lot during those 5 years, from dealing with the Home Office to negotiating with the photocopier. Want your documents double sided, hole-punched and in A5? No problemo. And when Louis and I eventually buy our first home, the process won't be a mystery.

I've just finished my first week of teaching English to Jordanian adults. There is a satisfaction in teaching, when your students' faces light up with understanding or they eagerly call you over to check their work. But there is such a burden as well. I am responsible for imparting wisdom on this group of people, who have paid some of their hard earned money in order to progress in their lives. I plan my lessons and do my research, but I'm so scared that they are getting nothing out of it...and ultimately, I'm scared that in another few years I'll be searching for something else. Never satisfied and never settled.

I just wonder how many beginnings do we really get? I heard from someone that nowadays, a person has on average 8 careers. Eight. Careers. For someone as unsure as me, it was like music to my ears. And when I Googled it, article after article said that it's never too late to change your career. But how do people change careers and avoid the negative stigma that goes with that? "Yes sir, I am indeed telling you that I was a lawyer, an English teacher and now would like to sell gold fish in your store."

Many people I speak to say that they are not sure what they too don't know what career they want to follow. 

So I ask you this, if you could do anything in the world, what would it be? And would you start all over again? 



  1. Oh my goodness, I have so many thoughts about the stuff you've brought up that I could write an essay to you! But I won't (maybe on email, if I get the chance!).

    Just to say - I think it's great that you were able to realise that law isn't working for you right now, and that you were bold enough to do something about it. I'm sure many people realise the same thing but are too afraid to step out and try something new.

    Also, I think life is made up of so many things, that career can only ever fulfil part of us - it can never completely fulfil who we are. So I think it's normal to feel slightly dissatisfied even if you enjoy your job...because life is so rich and there are other things we need to give lives meaning, purpose etc etc.

    Thank you for posting this!

  2. P.S. I realise I didn't answer your actual question, but that's only because I don't know! I'm terrible at answering questions like that - too many options!

    However, I do think you'd make an excellent goldfish salesperson. :D

  3. Thank you for your comments Heather! Had never thought of a career as only being only a part of our lives - I think I'm so focused on it because feel like I don't have one. I never think about career progression or what is sensible! Don't worry about not answering the question - it's a tricky one. Sx

  4. Jamie Powell18/10/12 10:08 am

    Shaba! I agree with Heathers thoughts that a career is only a part of our lives and there is so much more to consider. I'm another culprite of not really knowing what I want to do for work, but thats largely due to the fact I see work as a means to an end. That end is money. I try to live my life through my experiences with family, familia and friends. I'm always left with a feeling that work takes me away from my life. So I will do what ever job provides the balance of finds to support my choices in life but gives ne time to enjoy those choices.

    If I could do anything I would love to be an explorer of some sort doing something truley out of this world every day. Would I start again at this point in my life?! No, but when I have a midlife crisis in the next 10-15 years then that may be a different story.

    My question for yo Shaba is that if you didn't have to work for money to have a life what would you do with your days?

    P.s. were all very proud of you both for having the guts to take on this journey and especially of you for having the guts to make such a change and start again.


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