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24 April 2013

Weekly Wish List


Well, no one told me that April in Arabland is a time for sneezing, wheezing, coughing and generally harbouring germs. Yes I'm thankful that I'm not getting evils from fellow commuters who judge you and your stashed Strepsil supply but as I sit here with my tissue box, I'm dreaming of sandy shores and clear blue seas...

For now, nothing like a spot of online "window" shopping to keep me a happy bunny :)

Until next time!

Fun, fun Asos watch!
Would very much like to be in these Topshop PJs!
Gorgeous sandals from Miss Selfridge
Pretty gold bows from Topshop
GHDs....if only I could justify another pair...!
Super cute top & skirt combo :)

Can you tell I love baggy cardi-shrugs?! And this Warehouse top is just delectable!


  1. That watch would be on my wish list too, as you know I am a fan of them!

    1. Hehe it is a super cute watch! Thanks for your comment Lorna :)



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