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07 May 2013

An Apology

I would like to apologise for being so rubbish at writing recently. I'd like to think that I have followers (the ego in me!) and I wanted to take some time to tell you that I've just been super busy over the past few weeks. Yes, I know, if you're gonna start a blog then take the time to write something. But my time management skills are a work in progress and when I get home from work all I really do is just about watch TV and attempt to go to the gym. On top of that, any writing reminds me that I have a dissertation due in just under 7 weeks requiring 6,000 more words...! 

So, I apologise for being quiet over the past few weeks and for the few weeks to come. I hope that I will be able to blog a lot more in about a month and a half!

Until then, I hope there is much sunshine (and many BBQs!!) where ever you are!



  1. I love u Saba:)and I miss u loads...u r a lovely friend,I am so lucky to have u in my life...we all get so busy, but this is life I guess,it always keeps us running!

    1. Roni!! Thank you so much for your comment!! Yes it's so crazy busy but hopefully we'll have time for a coffee very soon :)

      take care my dear!


  2. You shouldn't have to feel like you NEED to write something. You have a dissertation, after all. Good grief that must be a lot of work!

    1. Hi Amanda! Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment :) Yes further education hasn't really turned out to be that glamourous! ;)



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