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01 July 2013


I. Am. Back!

Dissertation handed in last Monday. Moral of the story : dissertation + full time work = one very tired Saba. I was quite cranky by the end to say the least. I decided to stop being a good friend and just be a lame one instead (one of my friends even questioned whether I was still "grounded"). However, I did it. I handed in my LL.M dissertation (sounds sooo fancy!) and now I am just waiting for my certificate :) I can't believe it. 

There's lots to catch up on, including a friends' visit that nearly caused the demise of one of them as a result of my fat bum (I *wish* I was joking), a new career move and more shopping related obsessions. Also, I'm going to be doing a "Blog Challenge" soon so stay posted in case you want to join me :) I did not come up with this fab idea myself I'm afraid but all details will be revealed in time. 

It's good to be back :) 


1 comment:

  1. Yay! And congratulations on handing in your dissertation!

    Particularly looking forward to the fat bum (yeah right!!!) demise story. My mind is boggling!



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