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28 July 2013

Laughing at Yourself

I'd bought a punnet of cherries. Cherries here are really yummy (come from Lebanon) and I loooooove cherries.

So Louis and I are eating like, millions of cherries, watching the office. Gobble, gobble.

I'm also writing down things that Louis and I need to do for our holiday plans.

"Louis, tomorrow you need to do XYZ.."

"Saba, I'm not very good at doing XYZ..." *innocent eyes*


"Well, LOUIS, I'm not very good at foresight or thinking for myself or any of that stuff!! Do you like it when I tell you that?! Do you? That's no excuse!!"


"Saba, you need to go to the mirror and make that same speech in front of the mirror!!!!!!!!!!!"


"What?! You think this is funny??!!"

"Please please just go to the mirror and make this exact same speech" *hysterically laughing*

So I relent and sneak up to the mirror (because by this time I am terrified of what my face looks like).

And then literally die of laughter.

That's what eating a trillion cherries does to your teeth!!*


*After brushing a couple of times my teeth were back to normal. THANK GOD! Work would've been interesting otherwise!


  1. Hehehe!! But are Jordanian cherries blue? It also made me laugh picturing Louis's innocent eyes.

    1. They are a deep red, and we usually get purple stained finger tips and lips. But this was like those blue Chuppa Chips lollies we used to have as kids! We were both in hysterics! xxx


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