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07 August 2013

Weekly Wish List

It's Eid!! Eid Al Fitr (which marks the end of Ramadhan) celebrations are very similar to Eid Ul Adha celebrations, mentioned here.

And, since it is tradition that you wear new clothes for Eid, here is what is on my wish list for this blessed holiday.

Eid Mubarak everyone!


Image 1 of Oasis Square Face Chain Link Watch
Really into square watches since seeing this one. Since Chopard is just way out of my budget, here's a really sleek alternative from Oasis.
My Warehouse obsession continues!
There is ALWAYS room for glitter!
And, although this doesn't fall in the clothes category, I am totally saving up for this camera!


  1. Nice compact! I'm going on a photography workshop course in September, so hopefully I'll be able to take better pics with my SLR soon!

    Happy Eid! :)

    1. I was tempted to try and save for an SLR, but then saw some friends having to lug it around everywhere and realised I'd be too lazy to do that! But they do take great photos! Bet the workshop is going to be great!

      Thanks for the Eid wishes and for your comment! Hope you're well :)


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