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20 May 2014

I ate raw chicken...

...and survived.

On our trip to Penang in February, we stopped by a little Indian restaurant for a feast of curry and naan. The place was quaint and all of the diners except for Louis, his brother, his girlfriend and me were Indian. I was a happy bunny indeed, reeling our order to the waiter who raised his eyebrows like "this is too much for the four of you".

Of course he was wrong. We polished off everything and even ordered more rice and bread.

Later that evening however, Louis' stomach started feeling a bit funny. Then we found out that his brother was also having problems. Nothing major for either of them. When the morning came round it became apparent that all three of them had some weird sequential stomach bug. And it was worse than they first thought but they were brave and insisted that we carry on with our plans to see the spice garden. We did make it around the spice garden and even dipped our toes in the Strait of Malacca. But by late afternoon we decided to head back to Georgetown and our hotel. 

We had wanted to go to a traditional nyonya restaurant to sample the local food that night, but we decided it would be best to stay in the hotel and order service, especially as we were heading back to Singapore the next day.

Louis and I ordered some fries, congee (like a Chinese porridge) and a chicken satay pizza. For some strange reason, as I was munching on my third slice of pizza I was curious to look at the chicken. And then my stomach dropped as I realised the chicken was COMPLETELY raw in the middle. Ugh. First thing that went through my mind (selfishly was @*&^ I thought I missed out on the food poisoning). Frantic googling ensued to try and figure out what to do. 

Of course we complained to the hotel and they refunded us the money. Unfortunately that wasn't so much consolation in light of the fact that we would be boarding a plane in about 12 hours...potentially violently ill with salmonella.


Most of what we read online was comforting though because apparently raw chicken is just as risky as raw beef, which we eat without giving it a second thought. And we managed to find some information that stated if we were to get ill, we would feel it between 4 - 72 hours after eating the food. I was too tired to wait for the 4 hour mark, so went to sleep figuring that if my body required to reject whatever was inside it, it would wake me up. 

And guess what? Well, you already know. We both survived and didn't feel ill one bit. And not just that, we found out that chicken sashimi is some form of delicacy in Japan. Who knew!

Any horrible food related stories everyone? 


1 comment:

  1. Well, good thing! I was worried for you. Jordan swears I gave him salmonella from raw chicken, but I say no. Thus began the Great Debate of our marriage.


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