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13 May 2014

What it's come to...

Guys. It's not been an easy 3 weeks. Not gonna lie. For starters, I've been waging a full fledged war against Orange (our internet providers) since Easter. Just thinking about it makes my blood boil. So let's move on.

Secondly, we ran out of diesel, which we use to heat our water so that we can have lovely warm showers. Before we ran out of diesel, we used a power heater to heat the water whilst showering. Unfortunately, after several showers wondering "what is that horrible burning smell?" we realised it had caused an electric short. I guess we should've guessed there was something dodgy when every time you switched on the power heater the lights in the bathroom dimmed. Hindsight and all that jazz.

After calling several diesel providers and being told that they wouldn't come to our house for anything less than 1000 litres of diesel (which translates to about 700 JD) I was thinking, well showering using a bucket and cup isn't so bad after all. However, one of the diesel providers told me that, given the fact that I wanted [only] about 100 litres of diesel, my best bet would be to take a gallon tank and head over to the petrol station to fill up on diesel.

So, one of my colleagues kindly accepted was bribed into helping me out with going to the petrol station to fill up diesel, bring it back to our building and emptying it into our diesel tank.

We only managed to find a few stray water bottles in our house but the guys at the Total petrol station were kind enough to give us a couple of 5 litre bottles to help us out. Diesel, meet transportation containers:

I was worried that it wouldn't be efficient using a lot of smaller bottles instead of a large gallon tank but it's lucky that we didn't find a gallon tank because there would have been no space to empty it out due to the short ceilings in the diesel tank room. Silver lining.

Formidable Salim.
We made three trips and managed to fill up about 75 litres of diesel, which isn't much, I know, but we're hoping it'll last us until we have to move out.

I tell you, you learn the funniest things if you are just willing get your hands a little dirty [diesel-y].


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