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22 September 2014

Third time was indeed a charm!

I'd failed twice.

I persisted. And my third time paid off.

The Amman Citadel.

We started off with a delicious brunch at Jafra downtown. Jafra is normally a hit or miss for me and this time, it was a big hit. I might just have to go there again and do an exclusive post for it, because it's quirky, fun and the food is yum.

Needing a bit more energy than what the mezzes afforded us, we quickly nipped into Habibah for a slice of knafeh. This place has been around since the 50's, and they do the best knafeh, especially if you order in advance.  

Feeling fueled, we then wandered off to the Roman Ampitheatre. Now, I hadn't been back in to the ampitheatre in over a year, and hadn't climbed those steep steps in over 2 years. They look easy enough, but man are they hard to get up! Personally, I just kept my body low and focused on going up...without looking down! When you get to the top, you realise just how high you are!

We stayed up there for a bit, taking photos and nervously laughing about how to get down *side eye*

After climbing down safely, we had a quick look at the museum adjacent to the ampitheatre (like, really not very exciting).

And then. And then. We drove up to the Citadel.

It was open.

We bought our tickets.

We entered. We photographed. We conquered. 

There isn't much by way of ruins in the Citadel. But boy do you get many, many great views of Amman.

My favourite part of the Citadel was the Ummayad mosque, a beautiful, blue domed building that was recently restored. The dome is actually not the original dome, and although it's a small mosque and not extremely charming, it has a certain magnetism to it.

Once we had our fill of looking around the Citadel and Amman's spectacular views, we went into the museum, where artifacts from different ages were on display. 

And we ended the day in a truly Middle Eastern way - stuffing our faces with maqluba or, literally, upside down.

Happy tummy tummy, happy Saba!


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