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14 October 2014

When in the Levant, go to Levant!

One of my favourite restaurants in Amman is Levant, which serves a mix of Levantine and Armenian food with surprising twists here and there. I'm lucky to say that I've been there twice in the last few weeks (waist line not so lucky). I literally would be happy going there and ordering mezze after mezze and stuffing my face with bite size goodies.

Once you've sat down and ordered your food, the waiters hand you a little shot of green soup. The perfect start! I have no idea what's in this magical soup and I don't ask - it tastes incredible and I'm still alive so all good for me!

During our meal, we then moved on to more serious munches - rocket and fresh thyme salad, fried kubbeh, freekah with cream (like a Middle Eastern risotto), chicken balls (these were a pleasant surprise!), walnut and red pepper muhammarah (like a veggie pate) and yalanji, small stuffed aubergines. I have had their other starters such as the vine leaves and spicy potatoes and they are both yummy.

After stuffing our faces with mezze, we dug in to the beef shawerma. This is one of Levant's specialties, and deservedly so. The presentation is remarkable, as you are handed a meat skewer, chopped onions, mini pitas, pickles and tahini sauce - the perfect compliments to your individual shawerma sandwich. I'm not normally a fan of beef shawermas, but the meat at Levant is tender and full of flavour. One shawerma is usually enough for 4-5 people who've already eaten all those mezzes, so don't overestimate how many skewers you need to order! 

In a beautiful touch of symmetry, you are handed a little shot of citrussy goodness to help digest your meal. It's sweet and sour and refreshing all at once! 

If you have room for desert, I would recommend their creme brulee muhalabiya. Muhalabiya is akin to rice pudding without the rice, gently flavoured with rose water. The creme brulee topping on this version gives it that extra edge. Accompanied by a glass of mint tea, it's the perfect end to a perfect meal in my opinion! 

I think I need to avoid Levant for a while if I still want to fit in my clothes! 

Hope you're all having a great Tuesday! =]


1 comment:

  1. Once again, you've made me so hungry! Looks amazing! xx


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