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23 October 2014

First time for everything

There is a first time for everything. For us, it’s the first time we have a portable, open gas fire in our flat. Yes, it’s out there, in the open, spewing delicious fumes and threatening to consume unattended items of clothing. It may come surprising to some, but Amman gets really, really cold. We live in the constant fear highlighted by Game of Thrones, waiting for winter to finally come. In the past we’ve managed with electric heaters, wall mounted heating units and the most expensive of them all, diesel central heating. This year, we have to find something else. It is our third winter in Amman and we have succumbed to what many hail as the most efficient form of heating: the soba. It’s a metal box on wheels where you place your gas canister, hook it up to the pipe connected to the soba, light the spark and let the fire heat the metal grill. We used it last night and honestly, it was nice and warm. Not sure how comfortable I feel with this roaming risk but, we gotta keep warm!

Have a great weekend all!


1 comment:

  1. Interesting! I havemt heard of anything quite like this before.


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