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21 November 2014


There's a place steeped in history not too far from our little West Amman bubble. It's not even hidden, rather exists side by side with the modern city that has sprung up around it.

Jerash, previously known as Gerasa.

I love going to Jerash. It’s one of the best preserved ancient Roman cities, and in fact I’ve read that it is the most complete of any of the ancient Roman cities. When you visit it, you can really picture what it would have been like to be an inhabitant of this vibrant city.

We recently had Louis’ family visit and then my family visit and on both occasions, we took them to Jerash for a little wonder. Like I said, it’s only an hour away from Amman and the entire tour will take you around another hour, making it a perfect way to spend an afternoon. 

As I finished writing this post I realised how many unique buildings and ruins there really are in Jerash. Too many for a simple blog post.


Hadrian's Arch.

The South Gate of the City.

The near side of the Hippodrome.

The Cardo - colonnaded street.

Stairs leading to the Temple of Artemis.

Temple of Artemis. Sorry it's a bit blurry.
The challenge was to get the main sites of Jerash, including Hadrian's Arch, in one shot.

City of Jerash in the background.

The Oval Forum.
Me posing. Hehe

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