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31 December 2012


Ah 2012, how you have flown by! As NYE approaches, it's time to think about how wonderful this past year has been. I have so much to be thankful for, so here goes!
**I'm thankful because-**

*I was living in a city that was hosting the Olympics! Although I didn't watch a single event live, I loved watching the competition on TV. Well done London! 

*In September, I was able to travel to the UK to attend the wedding of one of my closest friends (now the "Mrs" in: Mr. & Mrs. M. Egan). As I boarded the plane, I thought, God, thank you so much for giving me the ability, health and funds to travel to their wedding. I still feel fuzzy inside whenever I think of their big day!

*I got to hold my amazing friends' first born, when she was only 3 days old, and kiss the towel that was wrapped around her and tell her how sweet and beautiful she is.

*When I left my hometown, I was welcomed into a bigger family, that showered me with unconditional love, coffee and cake. They have been my rocks through the past 10 years and they know who they are. This year my hubby and I uprooted again, and so I miss them all dearly!

*I somehow managed to get even closer to my school friends years after we had graduated from school, and have seen so many of them in varying locations but each time filled with excessive laughter and pride for how far we have all come.

*My family was able to provide me a life so unique and full of experiences; I'm so blessed to have a family who taught me how to travel, meet new people, help others and be strong in times of difficulty. I can't wait to see them in 2013 (inshallah!)!

*I have a husband who adores me, who wants to explore the world with me, who holds me up and advises me when I am heading in the wrong direction. And mostly, who is there to give me a hug in times of need. I love him so much. 

**And my New Year's Resolution?!**

*To be self-sufficient. Not in the sense that I will grow my own vegetables, no, but in the sense that I no longer want to live my life expecting something from others. The reason is not a cynical one such as "they will disappoint me if I expect something from them" but rather, it is a way for me to start living my life independently and without burdening my loved ones with unspoken demands. Honestly, I'm sure if I change my attitude, a lot of good will come out of it and I'll be a) more pleasant to be around, b) know what to expect of myself and strive to achieve it, c) more selfless and giving, and d) less arrogant and more understanding. Perhaps I'll listen more, take advice on board, mull it over and grow. Ask the right questions and really listen to the answer.

Happy New Year everyone! May 2013 bring you health, happiness, love, wealth, laughter and everything else you desire in life! 


1 comment:

  1. I love what you say in your resolution about unspoken demands - that is definitely something I can relate to! I've been trying to catch myself when I've found myself putting expectations onto my friends - expectations that they've never agreed to and only disappoint me when they're not met.

    Happy new year lovely Saba! xx


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