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06 December 2012

Weekly Wishlist

Brrr. A warm coat is great for this weather but defenses must be reinforced by the way of layering. I've been trawling the internet for some cosy pieces to beef up (literally, metaphorically) your winter wardrobe :)
Oasis notebook

* Ever have inspiration hit whilst on the Tube or bus and found nothing to write it in? This cute notebook will ensure you keep your notes in one place while adding a bit of sparkle to your purse. Plus, who said shopping lists had to be made on post-its?

* This may not be glamourous but, THERMAL UNDERWEAR (hilarious images found here). Yes, it works. It's light and discreet and keeps in the heat. I have tried Uniqlo's Heatteach, and was not too impressed (although maybe I picked the wrong item). The advantage of Uniqlo's range is that there are so many options, styles and colours, so you might be more likely to find something that will fit under your shirt or dress. I personally love Primark's thermal underwear range. I have a vest and a long sleeved top, and they both keep me warm. The price isn't too bad either :)* If, for some reason (and it better be a GOOD reason) you've not been shopping at Uniqlo every winter, then get down there immediately. They have the best selection of basic knitwear known to man. Uniqlo usually do offers during the winter which makes it even more worthwhile to stock up on knitwear there. My favorites are their Merino wool jumpers (and they are lush in every colour) and their cashmere jumpers. Both ranges are warm yet light. Personally, I have 3 Uniqlo jumpers (an orange Merino, a cream Merino and a black cashmere), which have survived the washing machine and kept me warm for the past 5 winters (seriously). You'll be warm without looking like you've gained 10lbs.

* Coffee dates and lounging at home will be that much more exciting if you wear a Penguin jumper. Period.
* This lightweight cardigan from Oasis will transform your office clothes and go with your jeans too :)

* Not usually a fan of fur, but this Topshop coat just looks tres adorb!!$hero$ 

* And, although it's raining and the thought of anything less than boots makes your toes cry out, these shoes are just to die for. River Island definitely got it right.

* Lastly, stock up on winter tights - guaranteed to keep you warm and stylish! I usually head to Topshop, Miss Selfridge and H&M.


~Next week, my LUSH winter favourites :)

1 comment:

  1. That penguin jumper is AWESOME. Everything will be made better just by wearing that jumper.

    Looking forward to the LUSH list...


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