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11 December 2012

Market Buzz

Newish Uggs, 10JD
On Wednesday night, market vendors work tirelessly to pitch up their stalls and lay out their goods. They do so because on Thursday and Friday, they participate in one of Amman's most famous markets. The Abdali Flea market.

My work is literally a two minute walk from the market so last Thursday, a couple of colleagues and I decided to have a little wander down there.

What. A. Market. It was mad. Not chaotic mad, just random mad. I've lived in Sana'a and London so have seen some market polar opposites but this was unique. Firstly, I hadn't realised the massive area the market spanned so didn't get a chance to see everything. But you can find everything. Clothes. New and old and used. Shoes. New and old and used. Toys. New and old and used. Bags. New and old and used. Kitchenware. New and old and used. Vegetables. New and new.

And everything was cheap as chips. You could hear the vendors competing, screaming "talat leerat!!!" (three liras or three JD). And, honestly, they could've been referring to anything!

I only managed to take a few pics bit here they are. I'll try to go again and spend more time browsing the goods and researching how low the prices really go!

People browsing some of the available clothes. Tops for as little as 1JD.

"Dior" boots for 22JD
Used Ugg boots = 4JD

This is where Ronaldo shops...

Tights, anyone?
Baby cot

"Barbie" dolls

View from the other side of the market

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