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13 January 2013

Middle Eastern Snow Days

When we were researching Amman to assess its suitability as our new base, we read tens and tens of blogs and websites and asked lots of friends for their opinions. We came across reports of snow days, water shortages, taxi fares and "portable" gas heating (ie the canister on wheels). We were aware that we would face a cold winter, but I felt that a few layers and an open mind would see us through the couple months of alleged freezing temperatures.

However, nothing prepared us for the amount of rain that Amman can experience! Last week, on Sunday night, it started pouring. And after 12 hours, it hadn't stopped. When I woke up in the morning and walked to the kitchen, I landed in a puddle (that'll wake you up faster than any espresso!). Our windows were letting in water. And so began what was to be approximately 36 hours of wringing towels and mopping up the floor. My hands were raw, my fingers had blisters. And the rain was relentless during this time. Had I moved back to Sunny England unknowingly?!

Anyway, luckily I'm married to a genius who manged to come up with a water trapping arrangement using towels, buckets and gravity. Worked like a charm! When the buckets were full, I'd empty them - no more wringing!

Here's a photo of the contraption:

And here we have our modified towel drying service (that shining light is our dodgy electric heater):

By Wednesday, the rain had subsided and we got our first Jordanian snow! This is what the view looked like: 

Schools were cancelled for two days :) I did go out to the shops for some milk and the cold fresh air was so wonderful. I love the snow. 

By Friday most of the snow had melted (don't you love Arabland winters?). 

Since things were looking clearer and cabin fever was getting too much, we went to watch "Life of Pi" in 3D. I read the book many years ago and loved it, so I was looking forward to the movie. I expected stunning visual effects and I was not disappointed. I am not Yann Martel but I imagine that the movie had translated the scenes in his head onto the big screen. It was beautiful. There are only two movies that I have watched in 3D and enjoyed - "How to Train Your Dragon" and "Life of Pi". If you haven't watched it, then opt for the 3D option and let the depth of the imagery blow you away. 

So we have officially survived the snow in Amman! It's still very cold over here and there are rumours of more rain to come. Not sure if we'll get more snow, but if we do, maybe I'll find a way to make a snowman :)


1 comment:

  1. sana'a is chilly these days but in that way that sana'a is at horrible......morning it is soo hot, then sunset, it drops, and the house is colder than it is outside....i want my android app to have a custom dewan temperature widget


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