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25 January 2013

Cycling Jordan

Amman has been pretty boring what with all the snow, rain and cold weather. So, last Friday, Louis and I decided to go on a cycling trip to the Dead Sea with Cycling Jordan. All we had to do was show up at their shop, bring 25JD each and...that was all! They would provide the transport, the bikes, helmets and yummy BBQ food. Oh and a pretty fab view of the Dead Sea.

The plan was to drive down to their farm house near the Dead Sea, get on the bikes and then cycle for 25km on the road along the Dead Sea. Hussein from Cycling Jordan had told me that it's an easy ride and everyone who had done it before always completed the distance. 

When we got to their farm house, I was very impressed. It consisted of two bedrooms, an open plan living area and a bathroom. It was kept tidy and clean, especially the bathroom, which I was more than happy to use (I'm very picky about bathrooms!). There was a swimming pool outside which they told me they fill during the summer. We dropped off our bags at the house and were given our bikes and helmets. 

After a quick debrief to explain the gears, who our guides are and instructions to stay on the right side of the road, we were off. We probably started cycling around 3:30pm, which was perfect because it meant that the sun wasn't too hot. Since it was a Friday, many families were having picnics along the straight that we were cycling on. Lots of kids ran up to the edge of the sidewalks to point, giggle or shout hello to us. 

We had several stops along the ride to catch our breaths and get water from the pick-up truck following us (provided by Cycle Jordan). There were about 14 of us and the age ranged from 11 to mid-30s. Everyone cycled the whole way. There were a couple of uphills but they weren't steep. And the view of the Dead Sea was fantastic. The Dead Sea has mountains on the opposite bank which makes it look like a giant glimmering crater. It's absolutely beautiful.  

The Cycle Jordan team were extremely professional. They were cycle enthusiasts who prioritised safety while still being helpful and encouraging. They had organised the day well and didn't seem bored or uninterested at any point. The pride they take in themselves and their work shone through in two instances for me:

* Our hosts used latex gloves when handling any food. They deftly prepared a salad and a wonderful selection of barbecued meats for us.

* After dinner the team had made a huge pot of tea. Instead of just opening a bag of sugar and obligating the guests to manoeuvre their spoons in and out of the bag, Hussein got out a sugar bowl and filled it with sugar. He then placed the bag in a plastic bag and put it away. 

We had a great experience on the cycle trip. We met many new people and had lots of exercise too. I would recommend Cycling Jordan to anyone who wants to do a cycling trip in Jordan, whether you are an experienced cyclist or a beginner. 


Here are some photos that I took on my phone. More photos can be found here

You can sort of see the Dead Sea behind me!

Sunset view from the farm

25km later

Yummy BBQ chicken!


Was gone in a flash!

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