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16 November 2013

Training in Dubai

When my company told me that I needed to be sent to Dubai for training, I pretty much booked my flight immediately. Since I had a full week of training scheduled, I decided to spend more time in Dubai to see my brother by staying there the weekend before and after my training. 

I had a really fun time out there but it's kind of funny because I still can't quite make a decision on how I feel about Dubai. I liked it, a lot, yes. It was more expensive than Jordan in rent, eating out and taxis. But I really liked that there were so many activities that you could do. In Amman, for entertainment, L and usually eat out, see friends, go to parties, go to the cinema or go for a coffee. But we only like a few coffee shops. And we are pretty limited in our choice of cuisine when we eat out. In Dubai, you can go spend time at the beach or enjoy the musical and visual spectacle that is the Dubai Fountain (my favourite place in Dubai) or walk along The Walk (although I didn't get a chance to do that) and all for free. Then you have literally hundreds of restaurants and cafes to choose from to eat and drink at at any price range. And you can easily find a nice cafe where you can sit with your book and enjoy a coffee without being bothered. And most of all, there is practically none of the harassment you get here in Jordan when you step out of your door. So in that sense, I prefer it over Amman.

I know that there is an underground world of exploitation in Dubai, which is saddening and frustrating. This is one of the things that makes me hesitate when I consider whether I'll ever want to live there. 

I've been back to Dubai for a short stop-over since then and found that I felt quite relaxed in Dubai. Although that may just be because I was in holiday mode! L and I are planning to stop-over early next year and I'm intrigued to find out what he thinks of it.

The Aquarium in Dubai Mall.

Dessert after one of the best salads ever at Jones the Grocer.

Found Magnolia Cupcakes. They.Are.Divine.

The "Waterfall" in Dubai Mall. Even more gorgeous in real life.


  1. Wow! That waterfall is amazing!

    1. It is even more breath taking in real life! I just didn't expect it and then bang!



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