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13 September 2013

Social Media

Thursday, September 12: Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.
From here.
Just to spell it out, I love blogging and I love Facebook :) I'm not really into a lot of other social media (Twitter, Instagram, etc) but I love Facebook because it connects me to my friends and family all around the world...WITHOUT having to worry if they change email addresses or phone numbers, yet again! 

Blogging has been a really rewarding hobby for me. I started it almost a year ago because, well, I thought I had something to "tell the world" (haha!). But I've realised through the past 11 months that blogging has brought out that creative streak in me that I never thought existed. Plus, I love having a little "project" that I can develop and grow. 

I enjoy finding new blogs and exploring people's lives. And, surprisingly to myself, I start thinking of ways that I can grow and expand my blog. In that sense, blogging has also made me start analysing where I want my own personal and professional life to head. I'm becoming better at focusing on the aspects of myself that I would like to improve on and, more importantly I think, I'm becoming more able to break down how to achieve those things. And I really think that a large part of that is because I care about the progression of my blog and I am making a conscious effort to keep up the momentum. 

Perhaps not strictly social media but another way I have changed my routine over the past year is through the daily use of RSS feeds. I admit, I'm not the best at following news or trends, but because I add my favourite blogs and sites to my Blogger / bloglovin, I am always discovering interesting stories and keeping up with current events. 

I do think that social media is important. I think that perception of people has broadened to encompass your "online persona" and so I believe in doing things like taking the time to have a LinkedIn profile and setting appropriate privacy levels on Facebook.

But within that it's also really important to have fun and let your personality shine through! ;)


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